Influenza Vaccination

Vaccines for the 2019 influenza season are now available at Mooloolaba Beach Pharmacy! Some pharmacists are now registered and trained to administer influenza vaccines, as well as the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) and the Diptheria-tetanus-pertusis (DTPa – whooping cough!) vaccines.  

Influenza remains a common cause of hospitalisation and death in Australia. The quadrivalent vaccine available in pharmacy this year provides increased immunity to the 4 strains Queensland Health believes will have the biggest impact this flu season;

  1. A 2015 strain from Michigan
  2. A 2017 Strain from Switzerland
  3. A 2013 strain from Phuket
  4. A 2017 strain from Colorado (not included in trivalent immunisations). 

Vaccination is funded under the national immunisation program if you are;

  • 65 Years of age or older
  • Identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
  • Pregnant
  • Have other chronic health conditions 

You may also qualify for a high-dose, trivalent vaccine. Come in store to see if you qualify for the National Immunisation Program or to get your vaccine during business hours from Monday through Friday!