Probiotics and Gut Health

The microbiome of the human body is an area of huge interest in the field of medicine. From 2007 until 2016, an American initiative known as the Human Microbiome Project received $215 million USD to investigate relationships between bacterial colonisation over areas of the human body and any possible links with the health status of those tested. The project found links between poor gut colonisation and decreased immune status, obesity and tooth decay as well as other negative health outcomes. Since these findings have been shown, there has been exponential investment in researching the potential “good bacteria” of the human body. 

Some of the earliest research came from studying malnourished children in Malawi and finding significantly altered levels of bacteria in their gastrointestinal system. The children were suffering from growth abnormalities, bone problems and metabolic dysfunction. When the microbiota from their faeces was transplanted into germ-free, well fed mice, the mice experienced the same problems. This shows the impact of a poor microbiome on health outcomes. Conversely, research has quite conclusively shown a significant benefit for patients receiving faecal microbiota transplant from a healthy microbiome into patients suffering from clostridium difficile infection, indicating benefit of good bacteria

From this, less invasive treatment in the form of a capsule containing bacteria associated with good health outcomes was proposed and brought to the market. This is an area of emerging area of research with some early promising results, especially linking digestive health and immune health to certain probiotics.

As an entry point, products such as Inner Health Plus contain a range of probiotics which target multiple body systems for general wellbeing. Our pharmacists definitely recommend a course of probiotics after taking antibiotics to replete your good bacteria and taking a regular probiotic everyday may be beneficial for treating and preventing a range of conditions.