Our Team

Jo Host

Pharmacist and Owner

BPharm, UQ. Dip Business, Dip Management.

Mario Barbagallo

Pharmacist and Owner

BPharm, UQ.


Our staff and level of customer service is our greatest asset

Long before brand name pharmacies dominated the Sunshine Coast, Mooloolaba Beach Pharmacy was servicing the individual needs of locals and tourists alike along the Esplanade. And whilst the products have certainly changed since the doors first opened in the 1950s, the vision of providing individualised healthcare with respect and dignity have absolutely not. In fact, walking into the Mooloolaba Beach Pharmacy is like receiving a warm hug from your grandmother after grazing your knee… followed by a rather direct line of questioning about whether you put sunscreen on, have you reapplied and where is your hat?

This isn’t a faceless pharmacy, but a team of passionate locals working together to serve our community. And that community encompasses everyone who loves Mooloolaba just as much as us, whether they’re visiting for the day, the week or live and work in the area.

Mario, along with his family, have built the Mooloolaba Beach Pharmacy into a local identity, a place where people feel comfortable and taken care of. After fifty years, Mario can still be found from time to time behind the front dispensary, greeting customers like old friends because they are … or soon will be! 

We encourage staff training and education

Stepping into Mario’s shoes with greater frequency is his business partner, Jo Host, another UQ graduate who is a self-confessed pharmacy nerd, mother of three and Sunshine Coast foodie and homewares connoisseur. Jo is also at the forefront of the push to eco-friendly and organic products, as well as sustainability within the practice itself. She brings a fresh, encouraging and nurturing energy to the Pharmacy, one which she says permeates all her staff. ‘We are one big family, and once someone begins working here, they rarely leave. They love it because this is a great place to work!’

The Pharmacy offers and provides training to all staff in Certificate III and IV Pharmacy, something Jo and Mario are passionate about. Intern Pharmacists can often be found here, students from local high schools are welcomed on work experience and all staff are encouraged to further their training so as to better care for customers.


Pharmacist in Charge

BPharm, UQ.


Webster Technician & Deliveries


Pharmacy Assistant


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Pharmacy Assistant


Pharmacy Assistant


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