The importance of Vitamin D

Despite being the skin cancer capital of the world, almost one third of the Australian population don’t have enough vitamin D! Your body usually makes vitamin D from cholesterol when your skin is exposed to UV-B rays from the sun but for those of us working throughout the day, getting regular, small periods of sun exposure can be tough. Small, regular periods are important, as going out for hours in our climate will increase your risk of skin cancer.


Vitamin D tells your intestine to absorb calcium and without calcium your bones can become weak and brittle. If you have had blood tests that show a vitamin D and a calcium deficiency, we recommend a combination product with both Calcium and vitamin D. Vitamin D supplements on their own, however, can be used very safely to help prevent a deficiency to maximise bone health. Not many people with vitamin D deficiency show symptoms until it’s too late so if you think you could be at risk, come instore and talk to one of our Pharmacists today!